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  • The Universe Within
    November 2006

    The Universe Within

    Dr. James Watson, one of the discoverers of DNA, has written that the human brain is “the most complex thing we have yet discovered in the universe.” Indeed, with its 100 billion cells, the human brain is a universe within a skull.

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  • June 2001

    The New Anti-Civilization

    Vaclav Havel has said that we are undergoing "the brutal destruction of a cultural landscape that has taken centuries to develop"; within this decaying global civilization "is in essence the first atheistic civilization in the history of mankind."

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  • Allied Crimes Against Humanity
    February 1995

    Allied Crimes Against Humanity

    The book cannot be closed on World War II until the American and British people know the full story of the crimes their governments committed against anticommunist Russians, Yugoslavs, and others who desperately wanted to avoid Soviet terror and who, nevertheless, were turned over to Stalin's killer squads.

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  • The Plains States and America's Future
    December 1993

    The Plains States and America's Future

    The halls and vast columned spaces of the St. Scholastica convent in Atchison, Kansas, are dark and empty now. The sisters who filled these buildings with busy religious life for several generations are dead or departed into the secular world with the virtual demise of convent life as a result of Vatican II.

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  • The Private Worlds of the Mind
    September 1991

    The Private Worlds of the Mind

    On the morning of July 13, 1985, as I noted in my journal, I woke with an exceptionally clear recollection of a dream. In it my wife, Elizabeth, and I were in a high-ceilinged Victorian room with brown walls fashioned of rotating metallic discs.

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  • The Corporate Citizen National vs. Transnational Economic Strategies
    January 1990

    The Corporate Citizen National vs. Transnational Economic Strategies

    Transnationalism isn't a term that is familiar to the American people. According to Peter Drucker, a leading advocate of transnationalism, a transnational company is one that operates in the global marketplace; that does its research wherever there are scientists and technicians, and manufactures where economics dictate.

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  • The War Years
    November 1987

    The War Years

    World War II seems both near and far away. In one sense, it seems like only yesterday that I was 17 years old, in uniform, and in Georgia and California. In another sense, that period is ancient history. We have traversed a century or more in human experience since the early 1940's.

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  • Transcendent Memory
    July 1987

    Transcendent Memory

    The significance of the past—the past of a minute or an hour ago, 100 years ago, or 5,000 years ago—is of consuming interest to me; many writers are concerned with the effects of time on people and institutions. The past provides writers with most of their raw material.

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Results: 8 Articles found.