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Ben C. Toledano is an author and a lawyer.

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  • Who Now Helps the Help?
    July 2012

    Who Now Helps the Help?

    "Do you look on the unfortunate as your brothers, in temporary distress, or do you see in them objects of charity? Do you think your function is to serve, and their function is to be served? If by a miracle they should get on their feet, would you have lost your career?"

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  • Gentle Warrior

    Gentle Warrior

    Thomas H. Landess died from a sudden illness on January 9, 2012. He was 80 years old. His death was a shock to his family and his many friends. I last heard from Tom two days before his death, an event that was out of mind, so warm and hopeful were his comments.

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  • A League of Bushes
    June 2004

    A League of Bushes

    Old habits die hard, especially where the use of moral terminology is concerned. In the 1850’s, James Smith Bush, George W.’s great-great-grandfather, graduated from Yale and became an Episcopal minister in New York.

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  • October 2001

    Berlioz: A Musical Apotheosis

    Until the advent of the long-playing record, almost all of the music of Hector Berlioz was, for most Americans, a silent enigma, available only to those who could read a score and really hear it.

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  • A Pretense of Knowledge
    June 1999

    A Pretense of Knowledge

    In recent years, there has been a spate of valuable books on Soviet espionage, subversion, and penetration of the West—books inspired or prompted by the opening of Soviet secret files, the publication of the Venona intercepts (communications between Soviet agents and Moscow), and the writings of former KGB officials.

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  • April 1998

    Creole Culture

    Though more reminiscent of the Middle Ages than of recent times, the marriage ceremony of General P.C.T. Beauregard's niece. Bertha Hall, the daughter of Angele Beauregard and Frederick Hall, took place in St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans only 100 years ago.

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  • A Prophet's Reward
    September 1997

    A Prophet's Reward

    What is now known as the Hiss case exploded across the front pages of the nation's newspapers on August 4,1948. The day before, Whittaker Chambers had taken the stand before the House Un-American Activities Committee to testify that a number of Americans, some of them highly regarded by the liberal establishment and its media handmaidens, were members of a communist cell in the federal government.

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