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Bill Croke writes from Cody, Wyoming.

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  • A Life in Sketches
    November 2001

    A Life in Sketches

    If Nevada can be said to have a first family equivalent to the Kennedys of Massachusetts, that family is the Laxalts. This immigrant Basque clan of a century's residence has given America a U.S. senator (Paul Laxalt, now retired) and a poet laureate, Paul's late brother Robert, who turned the Basques' experience of the West into literature.

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  • American Renaissance Man
    August 2001

    American Renaissance Man

    Charles Fletcher Lummis was born near Bristol, New Hampshire, in 1859 and received an extraordinary education at the feet of his father, Henry Lummis, an erudite Methodist minister.

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  • Horror of Home
    August 2000

    Horror of Home

    Travel writing in the post-World War II era gradually became the prosaic stuff of Sunday newspaper supplements, nothing more than Baedeker-type guides to fancy hotels and chic restaurants in foreign capitals.

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  • The Newspaper West
    April 2000

    The Newspaper West

    In Flint's Honor, Richard Wheeler has painted a realistic portrait of life in a Colorado mining town, with special emphasis on the importance of newspapers in the civic life of the frontier West.

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  • Have Armchair, Will Travel
    March 2000

    Have Armchair, Will Travel

    Travel writers are a diverse lot. The great ones—Evelyn Waugh, Somerset Maugham, Graham Greene—sought out the seedy outposts of colonialism, frequenting hotel bars peopled by jaded, witty expatriates.

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  • Our Time
    December 1999

    Our Time

    In a regional literary world ripe with poseurs, Ivan Doig may be the true descendant of Wallace Stegner.

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  • First Things First
    November 1999

    First Things First

    Once, in a Paris bookstore, biographer Leon Edel heard Ernest Hemingway's take on T.E. Lawrence's Seven Pillars of Wisdom. "Camels!" bellowed Papa. "Camels!" In his new book, Thomas McGuane has given us Horses! Horses!

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  • New West Gothic
    October 1999

    New West Gothic

    The American short story is moribund. The passing of giants has relegated the form to the purgatory of academic hackdom and its innumerable ideological ax-grinders paying homage to a plethora of multicultural grievances.

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Results: 8 Articles found.