D.K. Brainard

D.K. Brainard is a freelance writer in Cincinnati.

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  • February 1997

    The War on Marge Schott

    And . . . she's outta there. On June 12, Marge Schott, the embattled majority owner of the Cincinnati Reds, was given the heave-ho by baseball's powers-that-be, forced to relinquish day-to-day control of her ball club through the 1998 season.

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  • May 1996

    The Last Pioneers

    We stopped for gas and food in Chamberlain, perched on a bluff above the grand Missouri River. A clear late summer Thursday evening in South Dakota, and we were halfway to the Black Hills, where on Saturday the 55th annual Sturgis Rally and Races would kick off.

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