Francis Phillips

Francis Phillips writes from Buckinghamshire in the UK.

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  • Bruised Reeds
    March 2011

    Bruised Reeds

    What is revealed is a man at once engagingly straightforward and wholly bound up with bearing witness to the “truth, the love and the joy that comes from conversion to Christ,” as George Weigel writes in his Foreword.

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  • Stumbling Past the Tree
    October 2010

    Stumbling Past the Tree

    This is a solid and sensible biography, but it is not a scintillating one. I have the impression that Adam Sisman is a little wary of his subject; he indicates respect for Hugh Trevor-Roper, but not affection. Yet without personal warmth to some degree, it is hard to catch the reader’s imagination.

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  • Kultur Ohne Gott
    October 2009

    Kultur Ohne Gott

    I began this novel, set in Germany between the two world wars, after watching Valkyrie. I found the film both shallow and grandiose, dominated by clicking heels and clashing chords; the choice of Tom Cruise to play Claus von Stauffenberg was singularly inept.

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  • <i>Instaurare</i>!
    May 2008


    On being taken to Mass in the underground basilica at Lourdes, the late Msgr. Alfred Gilbey, that most courteous of men, was moved to comment, “It reminds me of nothing so much as a Nazi rally.”

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Latest by Francis Phillips in ITO

  • The Road to Character
    August 20, 2015

    The Road to Character

    In order to lead meaningful lives we need to dig below the surface of worldly ambition and success. 

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