George Garrett

Contributing editor George Garrett is a novelist, poet, and the Henry Hoyns Professor of Creative Writing Emeritus at the University of Virginia.  He was named the poet laureate of Virginia in 2002.

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  • Voices: An Excerpt From 'Entered From the Sun'
  • Publishing Is . . .
    January 1989

    Publishing Is . . .

    For many reasons the successful literary scholars of our age have spent next to no time examining the publishing business and how and to what extent it has shaped the literature of the age.

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  • June 1988

    Tyranny and Sloth

    When I say that I thank you for asking me here to speak to you, that I thank you I am here, I have to confess that I am flying in the face of the latest status ritual practiced by many of my colleagues in the scribbling professions.

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  • A (Pardon the Expression) Baccalaureate Address
    September 1987

    A (Pardon the Expression) Baccalaureate Address

    The irrepressible John Towne tells us what he really thinks of higher education. Something to offend nearly everyone. I want you to know I share your disappointment that nobody you really care about and wanted could be here to make this speech. Sorry that Gary Hart is indisposed.

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Results: 24 Articles found.