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  • June 2005

    International Community

    In April, Condoleezza Rice made a stunning display of her keen analytical mind and verbal agility.

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  • February 2004

    Sounding Brass

    “Charity begins at home” was one of the most telling proverbs in the English language. I say “was” because the English language is deader than Latin, and its post-English/post-American replacement, while it contains sound sequences remarkably similar to the old words, charity and home, has put both words in bondage to liberal propaganda.

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  • September 2003

    “Include Me Out”

    The Church needs to be “inclusive.” This was the refrain of the liberal delegates (an overwhelming majority) to the convention of the Episcopal Church meeting in Minneapolis as they considered the controversial nomination of Gene Robinson as coadjutor bishop of New Hampshire.

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  • June 2003

    Choice: What a Beautiful Lie

    The abortion debate has been over for years. Both sides agree on the fundamentals. Pro-abortion activists now routinely speak of their reverence for life.

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  • April 2003

    By Their Clichés, You Shall Know Them

    At least since September 11, the buzz-phrase for every investigation has been “connect the dots.” Republicans were highly imaginative in connecting the dots between Afghanistan and Al Qaeda, Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, while Democrats preferred connecting the dots between Enron executives and the Bush administration.

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  • January 2003


    Too many members of my generation (postwar birth, 1960’s student) have a nasty way of ridiculing their juniors for their ignorance of history and their native tongue.

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  • December 2001

    God Bless America

    Every president since Ronald Reagan has employed this invocation to punctuate the conclusion of a major speech. Coming from Reagan, it was sort of a tip of the hat to the official pieties of the World War II generation.

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  • November 2001


    Now that citizenship has become an alien concept to most Americans, the distinction between citizen and non-citizen is being obliterated. Decades ago.

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  • September 2001

    Diffr'nt Strokes Move the World

    We are so used to living with meaningless expressions that we hardly notice when new absurdities are foisted upon us. "Multicultural" is supposed to suggest openness to different cultures.

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  • August 2001

    "Call Me Irresponsible"

    "This is really a matter of accountability," snarled Tom Daschle on Fox News Sunday, "making sure that we can enforce the rights we're now going to guarantee and that we hold everybody accountable."

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  • April 2001

    "The Only Thing That Matters"

    What did Locke mean by property? We think of real property and personal property, of course, but there are also chemical properties, and Anglicans used to invoke a Divine Being "whose property is always to have mercy."

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  • February 2001

    The Moral Minority

    The word "minority" represents one of those inversions of value (that typify socialist regimes. Derived, obviously, from the Latin minor (smaller or less in respect of size, importance, age, etc.), "minority" has been used in English to express both the immature years before adulthood and the losing side of a judicial opinion.

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  • January 2001

    "Mandate for Leadership"

    Your servant Humpty has been hearing a great deal about the "will of the people" and an incoming President's need for a "popular mandate."

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  • November 2000

    The People, No!

    Nobody can define democracy, and if any honest man succeeded in doing so, the liars (always in the vast majority of mankind) would stone hime to death for his pains.

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  • October 2000

    "I got rights, I got rights, too."

    Few people have heard Hank Williams, Jr.'s song about a man getting revenge on the man who killed his wife and got himself acquitted, but it raises the question of what rights are.

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  • September 2000

    Liberating Students From the Liberators

    The "liberal arts" have come to mean the arts that turn people into liberals. Anti-Christians as early as Montaigne have played on the expression as the "liberating" arts.

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  • August 2000

    Lightening Up

    Traditionally, slang is a racy form of everyday speech, used either as a secret language to confuse the authorities or simply for the mere joy of creating vivid expressions.

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  • July 2000

    "No Man Is an Island"

    In claiming that each of us is a part of the whole, John Donne was not criticizing King James I for his isolationist foreign policy.

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  • June 2000

    Charity Versus Foreign Aid

    "Charity begins at home" strikes the modern ear as a contradiction in terms. In our time, charity has come to mean giving to strangers —the stranger the better.

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  • March 2000

    Time's Ugliest Children

    Between the two world wars, Robinson Jeffers watched as the old American Republic settled into empire. Jeffers was an honest man, a patriotic Democrat who knew that the extension of American hegemony into Europe and Asia could only mean an "empire."

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Results: 34 Articles found.