James Moses

James Moses writes from New York City.

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  • March 2005

    Innocent Leftists

    A recent film festival sponsored by Human Rights Watch at New York’s Walter Reade Theater in Lincoln Center attracted the hard-core sandalistas of the Upper West Side, who filed in to watch—what else?—the Sandinistas and Contras in a cartoon of a Canadian documentary called The World Stopped Watching.

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  • January 2005

    Exeunt Metrosexuals

    When a former professional football player turns actor, the inclination is to set the bar rather low. Think O.J. Simpson as the security guard in The Towering Inferno. For that matter, think Dr. Johnson on female preachers.

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  • October 2004

    McGreevey's Resignation

    Jim McGreevey, who will be resigning as New Jersey’s governor on November 15, cares deeply for the people of the Garden State.

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  • July 2004

    Delightful Murders and Sheer Torture

    While “off Broadway” is often the destination for the worst sort of stage-direction anarcho-anachronism, with Othello in spaceships and all-lesbian versions of Macbeth, it may surprise the non-New Yorker to learn that it is often the place to discover classic drama played absolutely straight (in all senses) and flawlessly acted.

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  • A Pacified Globe
    January 2003

    A Pacified Globe

    If Ted Williams bats third in the Red Sox lineup on opening day at Boston’s Fenway Park in A.D. 2115, then Peter Augustine Lawler’s worst nightmare will have been realized.

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