Dr. James Patrick

Dr. James Patrick is chancellor of The College of St. Thomas More in Fort Worth, Texas.

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  • The One Civilization
    December 2010

    The One Civilization

    Popular culture in the West, and especially in North America, is an illusion, mostly electronic, that does not feed the soul. Indeed, it claims to do nothing but feed the senses, and as such it tends toward universal barbarism, fostering ignorance and encouraging violence.

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  • Pugin and the Gothic Dream
    December 2005

    Pugin and the Gothic Dream

    When peace came to Europe in 1815, Britain was in the unique position of possessing empire, wealth, and power, which would make possible a century of commercial and industrial growth and prosperity.

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  • Place and Presence, Holy Hills and Sacred Cities
    December 2003

    Place and Presence, Holy Hills and Sacred Cities

    In classical times, the city was a sacred place, bounded by a wall, in which civilization occurred, and to live outside the city was to be uncivilized.

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  • The Third Iconoclasm
    March 2003

    The Third Iconoclasm

    The two roots onto which Western Christendom was grafted proposed very different notions about depicting the gods. The Greeks famously made images of Athena and Zeus, always depicting them as man writ large, and were untroubled by this glaring anthropomorphism.

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  • Boethius and Lady Philosophy
    December 2002

    Boethius and Lady Philosophy

    The political story that shaped Boethius’ life began in 324, when Constantine’s plan to move the capital of the empire from Rome to the city of Byzantium, on the eastern shore of the Sea of Marmora, matured.

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  • After the Avalanche
    September 2000

    After the Avalanche

    When C.S. Lewis wrote that there was more distance between us and Jane Austen than between Jane Austen and Plato, he was remarking on a cataclysm that colleges and universities had not escaped.

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Results: 6 Articles found.