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Jeff Minick lives in Front Royal, Virginia, and may be found online at He is the author of two novels, Amanda Bell and Dust on Their Wings, and two works of non-fiction, Learning as I Go and Movies Make the Man.

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  • Hope in Little Platoons
    October 2019

    Hope in Little Platoons

    For 26 years, I taught hundreds of home-educated students, including my own children. My checkered teaching career also includes a semester in a university, two years at a prison, and two years in a public high school. During my last 15 years of that teaching, I conducted seminars for homeschoolers in Asheville, North Carolina, offering instruction in literature, composition, history, and Latin.

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  • April 2019

    Happy Warriors

    For decades, conservative commentators and writers have told anyone who would listen that America is going to hell in a handbag. James Burnham’s Suicide of the West, John Derbyshire’s We Are Doomed, Pat Buchanan’s Suicide of a Superpower, Mark Steyn’s After America, and thousands of other books and articles have revealed the damage done to our culture and our republic by the left.

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  • In Praise of Cultural Appropriation
    August 2018

    In Praise of Cultural Appropriation

    Recently I read of a 67-year-old woman who wanted to run in a marathon. She had never run for exercise in her life, but her desire and passion led her to put on a pair of sneakers, leave the house, and walk a mile.

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  • December 2017

    The Pronouns of Bedlam

    Jordan Peterson and others like him understand in their bones one great truth: Language matters. The names by which we call people, places, and things are vital both to our perceptions of reality and to reality itself.

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  • January 2017

    Blood From a Stone: Observations of a Serf

    Like most conservatives, I believe that the federal government is out of control in its spending and its regulations. Like most conservatives, I believe the chief concerns of that government to be the defense of the United States, international negotiations, and certain interior measures regarding interstate trade and travel.

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