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John Shelton Reed writes from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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  • July 2001

    Still Fighting the Civil War

    The influx of Northern migrants to these parts continues to produce misunderstanding. Some time ago, the good people of Hillsborough, North Carolina, gave up their right to shoot marauding vermin in their own backyards to an official municipal squirrel-shooter.

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  • Eminent Southrons and Cinematic Slander
    August 1995

    Eminent Southrons and Cinematic Slander

    Some folks have been kind enough to notice my absence from these pages, and a few have been even kinder and expressed regret at it. The fact is that my wife Dale and I are working on a book.

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  • September 1994

    The Honorable Gentleman From New York

    It shouldn't be news to anyone that conservative middle-aged professors are rare birds. Until recently, right-wing academics have been almost as rare as black ones, and for pretty much the same reason: bright conservatives could generally do better elsewhere.

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  • May 1994

    Deo Vindice

    One day last September I was visited by a couple of guys who were writing a cover story on the South for a Dutch magazine. They had been to Darlington, Tuskegee, Oxford, Charleston, and other shrines of Southern culture, and I was pleased to see that Chapel Hill was still on the list.

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  • February 1994

    Done Away With

    The boy choir of Duke University has been done away with, apparently at the behest of one of the campus ministers, a woman who had never even attended any of the services at which the choir performed but who complained that the group was one of the "subtle and not so subtle vestiges of male privilege" that she has a vocation to extirpate.

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  • September 1993

    This and That From Here and There

    It's been a while since my last roundup of regional news, so some of these items have a little age on them, but you probably missed them anyway, so they'll be news to you, right?

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  • July 1993

    The Mississippi Hippies and Other Denizens of the Deep (South)

    January in Jackson—well, it wasn't April in Paris, but it had its pleasures, among them the chance to compare the Magnolia State to the more northerly South I know better.

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  • June 1993

    Passing the Bottle

    In the aftermath of a conference not long ago, a dozen of us spent a night in downtown Little Rock. (No, this wasn't the Economic Summit. It was a gathering of poets, novelists, and essayists to discuss Southern autobiography, and the talk was a whole lot better.)

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  • May 1993

    Mississippi Musing

    Back in February, a USA Today story on black historical sites mentioned a "Black Confederate Memorial" in Canton, Mississippi, a "20-foot obelisk . . . built in 1894 to honor Harvey's Scouts, one of the black units that operated behind Union lines to harass supply shipments."

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  • April 1993

    Capture the Flag, Part II

    We have it on good authority that the peacemakers are blessed, and that's only fair, because we sure catch hell in this world. Not long ago I suggested that most Southerners who display the Confederate flag are not bigots and got some hate mail to the effect that only a bigot could believe that.

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  • March 1993

    Capture the Flag, Part I

    In an earlier letter I cheered my buddy Chris's suggestion that announcements at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics be given in both Southern and Yankee English but pointed out that on preliminary form Atlanta's civic leaders are unlikely to cotton to the idea.

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  • February 1993

    Race Politics, Part Two—Clinton for President, Petty for King

    The morning of the 45rd annual Southern 500, back in September, found me and my buddy hanging out at Darlington Raceway, posing as journalists. We talked to fans about the upcoming stockcar race and also about the upcoming presidential race.

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  • January 1993

    Race Politics: Part One

    Yes, I know I promised to write about the Georgia state flag controversy, but that prospect was too depressing. Let me address instead a couple of more entertaining topics, namely the 43rd annual Mountain Dew Southern 500 NASCAR Winston Cup Series Race and the recent presidential election.

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  • November 1992

    The New America

    Yeah, I know we've got two Southerners running on the Democratic ticket. Don't rub it in, OK? As Miss Scarlett used to say, I'll think about it tomorrow. Let's talk about sports.

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  • October 1992

    Trivializing Rape

    Last spring I picked up our student newspaper to read this sentence in a front-page story: "Statistics show that one out of every four UNC females will be sexually assaulted while in college." Wow.

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  • September 1992

    Bubba-cue Judgment Day

    Did you notice last spring how the national media-the New York Times, Newsweek, NPR, all of them-almost simultaneously began talking about "the Bubba vote"? I seriously doubt that many of these folks have actually met Bubba, much less discussed politics with him, but at the Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Contest they sure could have.

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  • August 1992

    Shall We Gather by the River?

    When I was invited last spring to be a judge at the Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest some envious backbiters put it about that it wasn't because I'm well known as a discriminating ami de swine, but because my sister knows the woman who picks the judges. I have just one thing to say to them: Eat your heart out.

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  • July 1992

    The Texas Wild Card

    One evening last winter my buddy Eugene and I were shooting the breeze while we sort of half-watched the new, citified Hee Haw (it's not the sort of show you want to watch alone, and my wife, a nose-breather, won't watch it with me).

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  • June 1992

    A Sense of Place

    Some people, mostly Southerners and geographers, like to argue about how you can tell whether you're in the South. This discourse (if you'll excuse the expression) can be more or less serious.

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  • May 1992

    Fight Them on the Beaches

    Before the drive from California to North Carolina that I wrote about last month, I believed that American regionalism was alive and well. Now I damn well know it is. I'll tell you what I am worried about, though, is England.

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