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John Derbyshire is the author, most recently, of From the Dissident Right (

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  • Flame of Hope
    January 2016

    Flame of Hope

    The 21st century has not so far been a happy time for American conservatives. It began with an appalling terrorist attack whose key perpetrators had taken advantage of our government’s insouciance toward mass immigration from the Third World.

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  • Blessed Be the Passionate
    June 2015

    Blessed Be the Passionate

    The object of passion might be well-nigh anything at all, so long of course as it is not vicious: stamp collecting or field hockey, cabinetry or the Civil War, boxing or bell ringing; in one case known to me personally, the hand-manufacture of antique chain mail.

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  • January 2000

    Thinking About Internment

    I am going to ask what Churchill would have called some naughty questions, and offer some impertinent answers. I apologize in advance for the extreme political incorrectness of what follows.

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