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John Zmirak is Senior Editor of The Stream, and author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism. Follow John on Twitter here.

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  • Church, Immigration, and Nation
    January 2015

    Church, Immigration, and Nation

    In the realm of the spirit, there are few prospects more terrifying than meeting God—the Father, the Creator, the unconditioned Absolute Whose essence is His existence.

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  • February 2011

    Politics Against Nature

    As I write, the lame-duck Congress is revving up for one last chance to do really lasting damage to the country, in the form of the cloyingly titled DREAM Act, which would grant an open-ended amnesty to illegal aliens who were brought here as children by their parents.

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  • September 2010

    Thomas Molnar, R.I.P.

    On July 10, in Richmond, Virginia, the intellectual historian Thomas Molnar went to his reward, leaving behind an array of gorgeous ruins. By these I mean not his works, which were masterfully crafted and will endure.

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  • The New Scapular
    December 1994

    The New Scapular

    For the Christian, AIDS is a summons to conversion, not merely for those who have the disease, but for the whole corrupted mass of society, drunk with pride and lust and the love of power that comes with technology.

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  • December 1992

    Old Love

    My Downtown is dying. That is perhaps saying too little; Downtown is nearly dead.

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