Joseph Pappin III

Joseph Pappin III is the author of The Metaphysics of Edmund Burke.

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  • October 1993

    Pardon the Pardons

    It is reported that "faithful adherence to legal principle sometimes [takes] a back seat to the more compelling demands of politics." This appears to be a pointed assessment of a little-publicized controversy surrounding the pardon of four convicts by last year's Acting Governor of Arkansas, dentist Jerry Jewell.

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  • Cutting the Golden Key
    May 1992

    Cutting the Golden Key

    Those who know anything of contemporary scholarship or the political philosophy of Edmund Burke know that Peter J. Stanlis clearly holds the title of "Dean of Burke Studies."

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  • December 1988

    Interpreting Burke

    Father Francis P. Canavan, S.J., with the publication of this his second book on Edmund Burke, clearly establishes himself as one of the most—if not the most—able interpreter of Burke's political philosophy.

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  • October 1988

    Conspiratorial Illusions

    The Atlanta air is clear and sultry, yet there's a different air in the Democratic Convention's Women's Caucus in the Hyatt Regency—an air of conspiratorial illusions which stifle zealotry with their cold, hard calculations, but promise victory and the triumph of total human rights.

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