Matthew Scully

Matthew Scully is an American author, journalist, and speechwriter.

Latest by Matthew Scully in Chronicles

  • The Spirit of the Age
    January 1992

    The Spirit of the Age

    The Lewis Lapham story, as recounted in his earlier books, Fortune's Child and Money and Class in America, is that of a rich boy who, having been exposed as a reporter to the lot of the poor, renounces the "authority of wealth" and turns his trenchant wit to leveling all its pretenses and privileges.

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  • Cleaning Up
    June 1991

    Cleaning Up

    This autobiography pretty much confirms the impression left by an occasional reading of Carl Rowan's columns over the years: a decent enough fellow, earnest but smug, amiable at times but given to portentous and endless scoldings about "hidden racism," the lean civil rights champion turned puffed-up panel discussion bore.

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