Michael J. Ard

Michael J. Ard is the author of An Eternal Struggle: How the National Action Party Transformed Mexican Politics (Praeger, 2003).  He writes from Leesburg, Virginia.

Latest by Michael J. Ard in Chronicles

  • St. Elmo’s Pay
    April 2009

    St. Elmo’s Pay

    When news of Lepanto arrived in Rome, the Pope exclaimed, “Now Lord, you can take your servant, for my eyes have seen your salvation.” The battle’s outcome gratified the pontiff, but it may not have surprised him.

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  • The Kingfish of Caracas
    May 2008

    The Kingfish of Caracas

    Venezuela, once the beauty queen of Latin American democracies, has lost her good looks. Today, the oil-rich country is more often compared with communist Cuba than with democratic Costa Rica.

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  • Don’t Be Like Che
    September 2007

    Don’t Be Like Che

    Jean-Paul Sartre called him the era’s most perfect man. The students of 1968 used his name as the watchword for their revolution. He was Ernesto “Che” Guevara, the communist revolutionary who was executed 40 years ago by CIA-led Bolivian rangers after trying to start another Vietnam in South America.

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