Roberto De Mattei

Roberto de Mattei is president of the Lepanto Foundation and vice president of the National Research Council of Italy.

Latest by Roberto De Mattei in Chronicles

  • January 2011

    Christophobia, Communist and Otherwise

    Orthodox Archbishop Hilarion Alfeyev has recently warned Europeans of the dangers of building a completely atheist and secularized society. That was the situation in Eastern Europe under communism.

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  • December 2008

    Europe’s Self-Jihad

    The Report on the Evolution of the Family in Europe 2008, published by the Institute for Family Policies in Madrid, suggests that the family is being closed down and sold off at bargain-basement prices.

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  • Lepanto: A Category of the Spirit
    April 2002

    Lepanto: A Category of the Spirit

    There are days and places in history when time seems to stand still and, in the space of a moment, the fate of future centuries is decided.

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  • October 2001

    The E.U. Charter of Fundamental Rights: A New Totalitarianism

    The E.U. Charter of Fundamental Rights, approved in Nice on December 8, 2000, sets forth the principles upon which the future European constitution should be based. Drafted by a commission of experts from various countries, the document consists of a preamble and 54 articles.

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  • May 2001

    Catholic Rome

    St. Thomas Aquinas maintains that our intellect cannot grasp anything except through our senses. Recognizing this truth is essential to understanding the city of Rome and—beyond Rome—the Catholic Church, because Rome means nothing without the Church, and the Church loses her identity if is deprived of her Roman character.

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