Ronald J. Granieri

Ronald J. Granieri is executive director of the Center for the Study of America and the West at the Foreign Policy Research Institute.

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  • Empire States of Mind
    June 2020

    Empire States of Mind

    Although this relatively short book is closer to an extended, episodic essay than to the comprehensive history of the British Empire implied by the title, it is an excellent example of the author’s style. Jeremy Black takes a broad view…

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  • Strong State, Strong Schools? The German System
    September 2013

    Strong State, Strong Schools? The German System

    Anglo-Americans habitually disparage the “socialist” Europeans, as if it were just or fair to lump all Continental economies under one pejorative label. Rather than relying on epithets, however, would-be economic and educational reformers should take a closer look at Germany, where the combination of regulated markets and the welfare state has produced six decades of prosperity.

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  • January 2012

    Normal Germans, Nervous Europeans

    The saga of Europe’s debt crisis can be dispiriting for anyone interested in the future of the Old Continent. There is, however, another, perhaps larger story lurking beneath the tales of billions and bond yields, and that is the story of Germany’s changing role.

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  • Reviving the West: The Case for Europe
    August 2011

    Reviving the West: The Case for Europe

    In the early years of the current century, confident predictions about the inevitable rise of Europe to a position of world power and influence filled the air over the Atlantic. The recent travails of the European Union have undermined that confidence.

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