Stephen Provizer

Stephen Provizer writes from Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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  • November 1993

    Exclusive: Writer's Mags Exposed

    Who's responsible for all those "Writer's magazines" clogging the newsstands of Harvard Square? The unsuspecting peruser who comes to these periodicals seeking professional advice will be disappointed to find that they read like a cross between Norman Vincent Peale and Robotics Monthly.

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  • March 1993

    Our Lady of The Price Is Right

    Let the Buddhists have their mandalas; give the Muslims Mecca; we have The Price Is Right. Five days a week at 11:00 A.M., soaring audio and video levels, howling graphics, and dizzying camera shots herald the appearance of a ministry as fervent as any in the world.

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  • October 1992

    Gonna Take a Dysfunctional Journey

    News Item: AMTRAK Derails North of New York City

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  • April 1992

    The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name

    Thirty-one days in hell; lost my girl, my job, my apartment; on the nod, drinking Old Crow out of the bag. An old Army buddy in Men's Haberdashery sneaked me into the boiler room at Saks, where I sleep on a flea-bitten cot and sweat from the heat, but it's all scum like me deserves; a guy who'd give it all up for—a stinking pair of pants.

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  • August 1991

    True Confessions of a Failed Hack

    I began my relationship with Harvey visualizing Rolls-Royces and starlets. I ended up as so many writers have—staggering, script in hand, out of this erstwhile mogul's office straight into the nearest bar; a cut-rate version of Ray Milland in The Lost Weekend.

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