Thomas F. Roeser

Thomas F. Roeser is a member of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars.

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  • Pope Garry the Great: Bare Ruined Choirs?
    October 2000

    Pope Garry the Great: Bare Ruined Choirs?

    What shall we say of Garry Wills who, with a doctorate in the classics, once purportedly showed promise as a conservative intellectual, only to become the historian-icon of the deconstructionist left?

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  • December 1998

    The World Turned Upside Down

    A truly startling, topsy-turvy race is being run for governor of Illinois. U.S. Representative Glenn Poshard, the Democrat, is embracing more conservative positions on culture and social policy; Illinois Secretary of State George Ryan, the Republican, is running away with much of the Democratic base, including gay-rights supporters.

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  • November 1998

    A Dishonored President

    Bill Clinton may be the most dishonored President in American history, but who is to blame for his ascension to the White House? George Bush, who waged an incompetent campaign for reelection?

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  • December 1997

    Letter From Chicago: To Archbishop Francis George

    I won't say congratulations on your appointment because the wreckage left for you to pick up is horrendous . . . and the abuse you will take if—and, please God, when—you attempt to clean it up could shorten your life.

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  • May 1996

    Liberal Charity

    Which is the main bastion of institutional liberalism: government or the corporate boardroom, which in addition to its own leftist philanthropy also funds multimillion-dollar foundations?

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