Thomas McMahon

Thomas McMahon is a writer from Norfolk, England, currently based in Northern Italy.

Latest by Thomas McMahon in Chronicles

  • The Labour Minders
    March 2010

    The Labour Minders

    Gordon Brown’s media handlers have taken to ensuring that he frequently appears in front of the country’s journalists while in the company of children. This is presumably intended to soften his public image.

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  • April 2009


    Over the course of its 11 years at the helm of the United Kingdom, the Labour Party has acquired a reputation for authoritarianism. However, even its harshest critics would have doubted the evidence of their senses when awaking one morning to find that an opposition MP had been arrested for releasing information that embarrassed the government.

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  • Spy Kids and Labour Snoops
    December 2008

    Spy Kids and Labour Snoops

    In Great Britain as in the United States, terrorism has provided the perfect pretext for assaulting liberties enjoyed for centuries. Torture, detention without charge, wiretapping, international databases of citizens’ private information—all have been enthusiastically pursued in the United Kingdom as in the United States.

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