William H. Peterson

William H. Peterson is an adjunct scholar at the Heritage Foundation.

Latest by William H. Peterson in Chronicles

  • April 2000

    Public Schools: The Medium Is the Message

    The shootings at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, are still reverberating—accentuating some of the enormous problems with public education.

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  • July 1999

    America's Race Paradigm

    But what is race? How is it defined? And, as an official policy tool, is race lending itself to the law of unintended consequences, spawning racial disharmony rather than harmony?

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  • April 1994

    For Dancers Only: Remembering Swing

    Bittersweet feelings swept over me, a child of swing, during a recent walk down Manhattan's Times Square after an absence of several decades. At the end of the walk (Broadway and 42nd Street) two other feelings emerged: there's a permanence in things notwithstanding change. And all of us are, inescapably, creatures of culture.

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