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  • October 2007

    Shattering North America

    When President George W. Bush, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and Mexican President Felipe Calderón met in Quebec in mid-August, they were greeted by news stories that had migrated into the mainstream media from the populist fringe, alleging that the three national leaders were conspiring to create a supranational North American Union (NAU).

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  • A COM For Africa

    Ryan Henry, principal deputy under secretary of defense for policy, held a briefing on April 23 about the future opening of the new Africa Command (AFRICOM).

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  • October 2006

    Giving America Priority in Trade Policy

    As the global-trade establishment becomes more insulated from the growing criticism of people still rooted in their native soil, it is missing the turn in world events that is frustrating its efforts. Examples abound.

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  • Opposing CFIUS

    Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) received a letter on March 23 from a gaggle of organizations representing the financial industry.

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  • November 2005

    The Price of Oil

    Oil prices have been soaring, yet the U.S. media has overlooked one of the chief reasons why.

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  • The Rise of China
    June 2005

    The Rise of China

    Anyone who doubts that China is rising fast as the new power in Asia need only take the ride I took last fall through Shanghai, from the Hongqiao International Airport to the Bund area along the Huangpu riverfront.

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  • The Myth of an Antiglobalist Left
    July 2004

    The Myth of an Antiglobalist Left

    As I write, Washington has just been subjected to a weekend of left-wing protests that even the conservative-oriented Washington Times estimated brought 500,000 demonstrators to the nation’s capital.

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  • Soaring Gas Prices

    Gas prices are above two dollars per gallon, making the antiwar chant “no blood for oil” sound even more naive than usual. Gasoline prices in Europe and Japan are, as usual, running more than twice American prices.

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  • April 2004

    Presidential Campaign Should Change the Trade Debate

    While the antiwar rhetoric that fueled the early days of the Democratic presidential primaries has not gone away, attacks on President Bush’s dismal record of net job losses have now taken precedence.

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  • How the World Works
    January 2004

    How the World Works

    As an economics professor, I taught from the Chicago School scripture about the superiority of private business over any contending sector of society. I could never teach so naively again after spending almost a decade observing the Washington legislative sausage factory.

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  • December 2003

    A Serious Competitor

    China’s first manned space mission should serve as a warning that Beijing is serious about becoming a “peer competitor” of the United States. Some commentators mocked the Chinese effort as being far behind the achievements of the U.S. space program.

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  • November 2003

    American Economy

    The WTO talks in Cancun, Mexico, and their ultimate collapse were similar to what happened in Seattle in 1999, when President Bill Clinton, an avowed “free trader,” walked out when faced with demands even he could not stomach.

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  • Nations Still Count in a Globalized World
    January 2003

    Nations Still Count in a Globalized World

    At the end of every major period of international strife since at least the Seven Years War, the claim has been put forth that a New World Order has finally arrived that makes possible the substitution of commerce for geopolitics and of law for armaments.

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  • March 2000

    On the Shoulders of Giants?

    The Arts and Entertainment (A&F) television network, best known for its Biography series, has produced a list of the 100 most important figures of the millennium and devoted four hours of airtime to explain its picks.

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  • Deployments in Kosovo

    American troop deployments in Kosovo were the subject of a debate in the House of Representatives on March 11.

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  • May 1999

    Globalization and the Decline of the Family

    By many important indicators, the American economy is soaring. Unemployment has hit a 30-year low, and productivity is on the rise. These two factors, combined with low inflation, have finally started to push up real wages for most workers.

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  • The Secrets of Liberalism
    April 1999

    The Secrets of Liberalism

    I was reading his new book when Daniel Patrick Moynihan announced that he would not seek a fourth Senate term in 2000.

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  • February 1999

    NAFTA Approved

    NAFTA was approved by Congress in November 1993. That year, the United States had a $1.6 billion trade surplus with Mexico, down from $5.7 billion the year before. The proponents of the new agreement argued that the "opening" of Mexico would reverse this trend.

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  • The Lady From Niger
    January 1999

    The Lady From Niger

    Christopher Patten warns at the start that his engagingly written book is not a memoir. Though the core of it deals with the author's tenure as the British Empire's final governor of Hong Kong (1992-1997), Patten employs an impressionistic and anecdotal approach that is better suited to interpreting history than merely to recording it.

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  • Buchananism: Two Opinions
    July 1998

    Buchananism: Two Opinions

    The United States owes its origin to the trade wars of early modern Europe but its success to the Industrial Revolution, which filled America with productive, largely self-sufficient people.

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